Is chronic pain keeping you from enjoying everyday life?

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Since 2001, Dr. Dan Russell has been helping patients who suffer from chronic pain find the relief they have been longing for. With his cutting-edge chiropractic techniques, The Pleasant Chiropractor can get you back on your feet and help you live your best life!

Our Services

Our chiropractors in Pleasanton, CA provide patient-specific treatment plans that incorporate the use of chiropractic care, physical therapy techniques, at home exercises, and so much more to provide the most time-efficient and effective plan to treat patients with a variety of conditions.

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At The Pleasant Chiropractor, patients come to see us for a variety of reasons including chronic pain, arthritis, headaches, migraines, lower back pain, sports injuries, and so much more! With over 20 years of chiropractic experience, Dr. Dan Russell and the staff at The Pleasant Chiropractor are here to help! We’re passionate about helping you get relief from chronic pain and maximizing your well-being.
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Spinal Decompression

At The Pleasant Chiropractor, we use a variety of tools and techniques to help our patients obtain the results they are looking for. One of those treatments is Spinal Decompression. Using our state-of-the-art spinal decompression table, we are able to provide our patients with better care and faster recovery.
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Auto Accidents

Our team understand the stress and pain patients are in following personal injury accidents. We analyze, diagnose, and create an individualized treatment plan for whiplash and soft tissue injuries. We do accept cases on lien, and Med pay auto Ins.
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At The Pleasant Chiropractor, we are able to provide our patients relief from a variety of conditions including arthritis, bursitis, ear infections, fibromyalgia, migraines or chronic headaches, sciatica, scoliosis, upper and lower back pain, and so much more! Listed below are the three most common issues we treat.

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Neck Pain

Neck pain can happen because of injuries like auto accidents, overuse, or illness. Dr. Dan Russell, the chiropractor at Russell Chiropractic in Pleasanton, CA, is ready to help patients achieve the neck pain relief they need.
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Back Pain

Lower back pain is one of the most common injuries that we treat at The Pleasant Chiropractor. With over 20 years of experience, we create individual treatment plans for our patients that help them get the relief that they need as quickly as possible! Our treatment plans may include chiropractic adjustments, decompression therapy, physical therapy, and more.
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Sciatica is pain that runs down the sciatic nerve, which starts in the lower back and runs down both legs to your feet. Sciatica is normally caused by abnormal pressure placed on the sciatic nerve in the lower back. This can happen after a fall injury, car accident, or any type of injury for that matter.

Meet Dr. Dan

Dr. Dan earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life University in 2001. After graduating, Dr. Dan was a private practice chiropractor in the Beverly Hills and Hollywood area for around 7 years. His desire to live in a closely knit, family-like community led him to relocate to Northern California. Dr. Dan has a passion for both the Pleasanton area and for all of its residents. Patients who suffer from injury, chronic pain, or other wellness concerns can call to request a consultation with Dr. Dan today!

Dr. Dan

What Our Patients are Saying

What Our Patients are Saying

Dan is great at putting my body back into alignment. Not only does he do a great job on my low back but has been able to fix things with my legs, shoulders, and arms. Great guy as well that listens and makes sure he is addressing all my aches and pains!

– Jason Jones

Dr Russell is very professional and has years of experience in his chiropractic field. He is very friendly and accommodating to your needs. I’ve been going to him for about a year now and happy I made the choice to do so.

– Don Russ

I have gone to different chiropractic care facilities in the past and this place is by far the best! Dr. Russell has helped me with my shoulder, neck, and spine faster and more effective then any other place I have been too. He’s highly professional and his place is very clean. No need for me to look any further. I am very thankful I have found this place!

– Sofi K

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can chiropractic care help with headaches?
The central nervous system, which comprises our brain and spinal cord, is the only system that is directly protected by bones. These bones make up our spine. When specific bones in your neck are out of position and unable to move properly, it can put stress on your nervous system and on surrounding muscles which can result in headaches. Chiropractic care can be a very effective and non-invasive approach to preventing and relieving headaches regardless of the type of headache (tension vs migraine) or cause (stress vs posture).

It is important to get a chiropractic evaluation to determine the best course of action to not only reduce the frequency of these headaches but to get rid of the headaches all together.

Why am I getting headaches after an auto accident?
During the impact of an accident your neck is forcibly “whipped” back and forth and side to side past its normal range of motion. As a result whiplash injuries can affect the muscles and tissues in your back and neck. Stiffness, back pain and/or neck pain can ensue immediately or take days, weeks or even months to appear. It is crucial to treat whiplash immediately even if you are not yet experiencing neck or back pain.

Headaches and migraines are common symptoms that can occur as a result of whiplash injuries or any type of motor vehicle injury. Headaches may appear when specific vertebrae in your neck is restricted and out of position due to the impact of an accident. Sprained neck muscles can cause pain to radiate to your head. Any injuries or traumas to your head can cause headaches and migraines. If you are experiencing headaches after your car accident, then you should get treated as soon as possible so that your headache pain does not become permanent.

At Pleasant Chiropractic we are skilled in whiplash injuries to get you being functional and back to normal.

Can Chiropractic care help with neck pain?
Chiropractic care has been shown to be effective at helping both acute neck pain and chronic neck pain. Acute neck pain may be felt as a sharp pain in the neck, and you may not be able to turn your head. Chronic neck pain can also arise from poor posture and sedentary work, such as sitting at a desk working on a computer. This type of pain is often described as a dull achy discomfort which is often accompanied with stiffness. In both situations, specific vertebrae in the neck and upper back may be problematic resulting in neck pain. Supporting our spine are muscles, ligaments and tendons; all of which can form scar tissue, further complicating the healing process. Chiropractic adjustments are aimed to help keep the joints working properly, reduce stiffness, reduce pain, reduce muscle tension and increase function.

Most patients don’t want to just mask the pain with just medication, unfortunately that is all that most doctors offer. At Pleasant Chiropractic we treat neck pain with advanced techniques that focus on repairing function to your nervous and musculoskeletal system. This is the best way to reduce pain and return to normal function.

Why do I get neck pain following an auto accident?
Whiplash injuries occur when there is a sudden forced movement of the head or neck in any direction which can cause a rebound in the opposite direction. Surrounding and supporting tissues of the neck and head will be affected. Consequently, the surrounding muscles begin to tighten, contract and fatigue quicker resulting in pain and stiffness. Car accidents are the most common cause of whiplash.

It is vital to get a proper evaluation to determine how to get you feeling better without the use of medication, which is designed to mask the pain, not treat the cause of the pain. At Pleasant Chiropractic we are skilled in recovery from automobile injuries and focus on correction of one’s ailments.