Back pain can be debilitating. Many patients seem to think surgery or other invasive interventions are the only long-term solution. However, for many people, spinal decompression therapy can be the ideal treatment option. The following are seven ways this type of therapy can help your spine.

Relieve Nerve Pressure

One of the causes of back pain is nerve pressure in the spine. Whether you need neck decompression or back decompression, the result is relief from this nerve pressure. The treatment pushes the discs apart and removes pressure from the nerves running through your spine.

Avoid Surgery

If you’re experiencing back problems, it’s best to visit a chiropractor to discuss spinal decompression before turning to surgical alternatives. In many cases, decompression therapy can provide the results you want without the risks and challenges associated with surgery.

Chronic Pain Healing

Those who suffer from chronic pain deserve long-term results. With spinal decompression therapy, your spine will have more space between discs, encouraging oxygen and nutrient distribution in the area. Many people find they get relief from their chronic pain with these treatments.

Treat Various Conditions

Neck decompression and back decompression can treat various conditions, including sciatica, bulging discs, posterior facet syndrome, spinal stenosis, and injured spinal nerves. Be sure to talk to a chiropractor about your medical needs to learn whether this treatment can help you.

Fast Relief

Many patients have a complaint about medication and surgical treatments: how long it takes to get complete relief. When you see a chiropractor for decompression therapy, the results are almost instantaneous, giving you the comfort you need more quickly.

Retract Herniated Discs

Herniated discs are a common back problem that can cause many uncomfortable symptoms. They are also challenging to treat. When you undergo spinal decompression therapy, you return the discs to their original locations, providing the long-term relief you deserve.

Gently Stretch the Spine

As we age, the spine naturally compresses, leading to many conditions associated with aging. With spinal decompression therapy, your chiropractor gently stretches the spine back to its initial state, improving fluid circulation and your overall health and wellness.

If you think spinal decompression therapy is right for you, contact us to learn more about the benefits of this treatment.

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