Seeing a chiropractor for your back and neck pain is a more natural, non-invasive way to get the relief you need. One treatment often recommended by chiropractors is spinal decompression therapy. This therapy is often the first option before exploring the need for decompression surgery, a more invasive method of resolving spinal issues. Understanding more about spinal decompression can help you make the right decision.

What Is Spinal Decompression?

Many chiropractors offer neck decompression and back decompression based on your unique needs. If your doctor recommends decompression therapy, it can give you peace of mind understanding more about the process. Spinal decompression uses a motorized traction method to gently stretch the spine, reducing pressure and helping the discs align correctly. This decompression encourages the flow of fluids to the area, increasing oxygen and nutrient distribution to help your body heal.

How Does It Help?

Spinal decompression therapy or decompression surgery can help with many issues, leading to less back pain and discomfort. Over time, your spinal discs naturally compress due to gravity, wearing down the discs and causing degeneration. With spinal decompression, you eliminate this compression, removing pressure from the nerves in your spine. Decompression is an excellent alternative to surgery with no downtime and faster treatment times. You’ll get relief from your back and neck pain without the adverse effects of more invasive procedures.

If you think back decompression or neck decompression may be the proper treatment for you, contact us. Our team is standing by to answer questions and let you know what we recommend.

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